2017-2019 Nissan Titan Electrical Short & Potential Fire

On 2019-07-24 10:36:44

Nissan will be contacting the owners of certain 2017-2019 Titan vehicles regarding a problem that could affect the electrical system in their truck. This recall affects certain gasoline, light duty Nissan trucks manufactured during a defined time period.


The alternator on certain 2017-2018 Nissan trucks may have been damaged during manufacturing, as the engine was lowered into place. The harness could contact the square edge of a metal bracket that could cause the harness to pull away from its normal routing. The harness may become damaged by the bracket and could cause an electrical short.


An electrical short will cause the vehicle to experience abnormal electrical activity such as flickering lights and intermittent radio. The problem may prevent the battery from charging and could lead to a complete battery discharge. If the battery becomes low, electrical components will flicker and turn off, and the vehicle will run at reduced power. In rare cases, the short could result in an engine compartment thermal incident and a potential fire.


Dealers will inspect the alternator harness for proper routing and damaged, and will be replaced as necessary. Owners can contact Nissan customer service for more information about the defect.