2021-2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Steering Issues and Repeated Problems

Chrysler (FCA) will be contacting the owners of certain 2021-2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs because of a potential problem that could affect steering and lead to a loss of control. The recall comes after reports of steering issues in a 2023 Jeep Grand Cher

Kia LCD Display Blank On Startup

Owners will need to get the instrument cluster software updated, or important information such as tire pressure, warning messages, and warning lights may not be displayed. Because of this, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of the Feder

High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure In Jeep And RAM Vehicles

Chrysler (FCA) will be contacting the owners of certain 2021-2023 Jeep Wrangler, 2021-2023 Jeep Gladiator, and 2022-2023 Ram 1500 vehicles because of a problem with the high-pressure fuel pump (HPFP). This is a significant safety concern that could cause

Driver's Seat Not Properly Secured

The drivers of certain 2023 Nissan and Infiniti vehicles could experience an increased risk of injury during an accident, due to an unsecured driver's powered seat.

2023 Subaru Ascent Sudden Loss Of Tire Pressure

Subaru of America, Inc. (Subaru) has decided that a problem exists in certain 2023 Ascent vehicles equipped with 20-inch wheels. The tires on these vehicles may have been damaged during the wheel mounting and assembly process.

Kia Carnival Power Sliding Door May Close on Occupant

Kia will be contacting the owners of all 2022 model year and certain 2023 model year Carnival minivans manufactured between January 4, 2021 to February 22, 2023. These vehicles have a software issue with the power sliding doors (PSD) auto-reverse feature

Tesla Model 3 Suspension Could Separate

Tesla will be contacting the owners of certain 2018-2019 Model 3 electric vehicles due to a potential safety issue that could increase the risk of an accident. The problem stems from the front suspension lateral link, which is connected to the sub-frame u

2020-2023 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Leak Fire

Jeep Wrangler owners, beware! If you own a 2020-2023 model-year Jeep Wrangler, your vehicle could be affected by a potentially hazardous defect. Some of these vehicles were built with an unnecessary and unused frame stud that could puncture the fuel tank

Front Brake Hose Could Rupture On Ford And Lincoln Vehicles

In January 2018, Ford approved a service action for a specific population of Edge vehicles. The action was based on certain unique road conditions, parking situations, and driving habits that contributed to an elevated rate of premature front brake jounc

Nissan Ariya Steering Column Could Detach

Nissan will be contacting the owners of certain 2023 Nissan Ariya EVs, to alert them of a problem caused by recent port modifications. These modifications required the replacement the vehicle's steering wheel.

Toyota Tundra LCD Display Goes Blank

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing will be contacting the owners of certain 2022-2023 Tundra and Tundra Hybrid vehicles due to a software error in the electronic control unit (ECU). The error can cause the instrument panel LCD display to go blank.

Mercedes Benz G550 & AMG G63 Loss of ABS & ESC

Mercedes Benz will be contacting the owners of certain 2019-2021 AMG G63 and G550 vehicles due to a problem that could result in the loss of anti-lock brakes (ABS) and electronic stability control (ESC). The issue was discovered during an investigation in

Ford Automobiles Could Unexpectedly Roll Away

Certain Ford automobiles could experience an unexpected rollaway because of two separate issues.

2023 Subaru Solterra Unexpected Wheel Detachment

The drivers of certain 2023 Subaru Solterra SUVs could experience an unexpected wheel detachment that could result in loss of vehicle control and an increased risk of an accident.