2019-2020 Mercedes Benz AMG Stability Defect

On 2020-07-24 12:43:02

Certain 2019-2020 Mercedes Benz AMG model vehicles could experience a problem with the electronic stability system which could increase the risk of loss of vehicle control. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) control unit software may not meet safety standards.

Due to a deviation in the development process at a supplier, the ESP control unit software might not meet specifications. The ESP system might not be adapted to the brake type installed and in the event of a yaw rate sensor drift or a failure of the brake negative supply, the system may not react as intended. The driver will not receive any advanced warning of a problem due to the nature of the failure mechanism.

Vehicles Affected
2019-2020 C63 AMG
2019-2020 C63 AMG S
2019-2020 AMG GT 53
2019-2020 AMG GT 63
2019-2020 AMG GT 63 S
2020 GLC 63 AMG
2020 GLC 63 AMG S

Dealers will fix the problem by updating the ESP software. The recall is expected to begin August 28, 2020.