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the trip meter, "trip a", randomly resets. this first was noticed shortly after i purchased the motorcycle and around 915 miles. "trip a" had only 58 miles indicated while "trip b", which was reset at the same time as "trip a" read 148 miles. this has occurred sporadically since. the vehicle now has 3958 miles. the last discrepancy was noted at 3688 miles.

Reported in: NOBLESVILLE IN || Crash: N || VIN #: JH2RC6303EK


i own a new 2014 honda nc700x motorcycle that i took delivery of on 07-25-2014. the "a" & "b" trip meters will randomly reset to random milage numbers which could be above or below the actual miles travelled. i don't have a gps mounted to the bike to verify how fast the bike is moving or distance travelled so i have no idea if this is affecting the speed reading on the bikes dash display, the speedometer seems to be working every time i've looked at it but i'm now not sure if it is accurate. i called honda motorsports and was told the dealer i bought the bike from would have to verify that this is happening before honda motorsports would consider doing anything to help me. a non-functioning speedometer would make the bike unrideable. i was sitting at a stop light on 09-04-2014 and was looking at the display for the trip "a" meter when it reset itself from 93.8 miles to 98 miles. i switched the display to show me the trip "b" meter. after travelling what the "b" meter said was 216 miles i refilled the tank with 2.75 gallons which means the bike got an unbelievable 78.5 miles per gallon after a day of spirited riding. yesterday, 09-10-2014, i refilled the tank and set both the a and b trip meters to zero. i rode a little over 26 miles running errands, stopped the bike and turned off the ignition. when i returned to the bike to go home both trip meters had reset themselves to 7.1 miles.

Reported in: MONTPELIER VT || Crash: N || VIN #: JH2RC6346EK