RAV4 Loss Of Steering Assist And Prius Stalling

On 2020-06-30 10:34:31

A small number of 2019-2020 Rav4 and 2020 RAV4 Hybrid vehicles equipped with electric power steering (EPS) could experience a loss of power steering assist. According to the defect report, the issue affects vehicles assembled with steering gear that was manufactured by a specific supplier between Dec 17, 2019 and Feb 11, 2020.


The subject vehicles have an EPS system with a steering gear box cover that is attached with five screws. One of the screws may have not been installed or tightened sufficiently, allowing a gap between the steering gear assembly and the steering gear box cover. If moisture enters this gap, over time certain components inside could corrode and the driver could experience a loss of steering assist.


Toyota dealers will correct the problem by replacing the power steering gear box. This recall is expected to begin in August 2020. Toyota's number for this recall is 20TB11 / 20TA11 the NHTSA campaign number is 20V-373.

A larger recall affecting certain 2013-2015 Prius and 2014-2017 Prius V, will have approximately 260,000 owners returning to their dealerships for repairs. The vehicles involved were not involved in recall 18V-684 because they were originally equipped with a version of software that already contained improved thermal management.


Affected vehicles could experience high thermal stress in specific transistors in the Intelligent Power Module (IPM). Over time transistors could become damaged and illuminate various warning lights on the instrument panel. In cases where specific transistors fail in a certain way, there is a possibility the voltage could exceed the IPM circuit design causing the vehicle to shut down and loose power instead of entering fail safe mode.


Dealers will correct the problem by performing a software update for the hybrid system. If the vehicle has experienced an inverter failure with certain hybrid system faults related to this condition, the inverter assembly will be repaired or replaced before the software update. Toyota's number for this recall is 20TB10 / 20TA10 and the NHTSA campaign number is 20V-369.