2018-2019 Toyota Camry Sudden Loss Of Brake Assist

On 2021-11-22 11:04:51

In September 2019, Toyota received information from a US dealer who said the brake pedal in a 2018 Toyota Camry felt hard and the vehicle was difficult to stop. The report indicated that no diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) were observed, but the vacuum pump gear had seized and the end of the exhaust camshaft had broken off. An inspection of the recovered parts found that a piece of the vane cap had broken off and was found lodged between the vane and the pump body.


Toyota received four more reports and continued to recover the parts from vehicles for inspection and evaluation of the vacuum pumps. They also, sporadically receive additional reports and continued to inspect the recovered parts from the field.


Further investigation found the subject vehicles use a specific mechanical vacuum pump and a brake booster to provide power brake assist to the driver. This vacuum pump contains a vane that rotates inside the pump body to supply a vacuum to the brake booster. A cap on each end of the vane helps the vane maintain contact with the pump body as it rotates. Due to the material of these caps, the caps may prematurely wear when the vehicle is operated under certain driving conditions such as frequent braking and/or long periods of idling. After sufficient wear, a cap can become stuck between the vane and the pump housing, breaking it, and potentially breaking other components inside and/or connected to the pump. If this occurs, the vacuum pump would no longer supply vacuum to the brake booster. Continued application of the service brakes thereafter can deplete the amount of brake assist remaining in the brake booster.


The driver may observe increased braking effort and an audible and visual warning. While the service brakes remain operational with a broken vane cap, depending on the brake application by the driver, brake performance could be reduced prior to any warnings. A sudden loss of brake assist while driving could increase the risk of a crash.


Toyota has received 14 field technical reports and 61 unverified warranty claims that relate or may relate to this condition. Dealers will repair or replace the vacuum pump, as necessary. The NHTSA recall campaign number is 21V-890.