2024 Tesla Cybertruck Unintended Acceleration

On 2024-04-19 11:01:01

In certain 2024 Cybertruck models, there's a concerning issue with the accelerator pedal pad. It seems that it can come loose and get wedged by the interior trim, potentially leading to unintended acceleration and a heightened risk of accidents.


Tesla first became aware of this problem in March 2024, following a customer complaint about experiencing unintended acceleration. After a thorough examination of the vehicle's data logs by Tesla Engineering, they found that both the brake and accelerator pedals were engaged, and the vehicle behaved as expected, with the brake pedal effectively cutting drive torque and stopping the vehicle. Another similar complaint came in April 2024.

To get to the bottom of things, Tesla Engineering ran tests to replicate the issue and scrutinized images related to the initial customer complaint, confirming the presence of a dislodged accelerator pedal.


According to the defect report, an unauthorized alteration introduced soap as a lubricant to aid in assembling the pad onto the accelerator pedal. This extra lubrication could compromise the pad's grip on the pedal, leading it to dislodge when subjected to significant force, potentially getting stuck in the interior trim above the pedal.


Should the accelerator pedal pad become trapped, its performance and functionality would be compromised, heightening the risk of a collision. However, it's worth noting that pressing the brake pedal will still cut drive torque, even if both pedals are pressed simultaneously, bringing the vehicle to a stop as swiftly as if the accelerator pedal weren't pressed.

Drivers will immediately notice a drop in performance and functionality if they attempt to use the accelerator pedal when this condition is present. Additionally, if both pedals are pressed and the condition is detected, drivers will receive both audible and visual alerts.


To remedy the situation, Tesla plans to replace or adjust the accelerator pedal assembly to meet specifications and ensure ample retention force between the pad and accelerator pedal to prevent dislodging. The recall is identified as SB-24-33-003 by Tesla, and its corresponding NHTSA campaign number is 24V-276.