Unexpected Seat Airbag Deployment In Porsche Vehicles

On 2023-11-07 09:05:49

Porsche has identified an issue with the seat-mounted air bag deployment logic in certain 2021-2024 Porsche vehicles, specifically those equipped with optional Full Bucket Seats. This problem could result in the unnecessary deployment of seat-mounted air bags in types of crashes where such deployment is not required or warranted according to applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards. For instance, it can occur in frontal crashes with little or no lateral offset.


To address this concern and enhance safety, Porsche is taking steps to recalibrate the seat-mounted air bag deployment logic in the affected vehicles with optional Full Bucket Seats. The primary goal is to reduce the potential for ancillary injuries that may result from seat-mounted air bag deployment in situations where it is not needed, as specified by federal safety standards.


To implement this recalibration, Porsche will reprogram the Airbag Control Unit (ACU) in the subject vehicles. This adjustment will help ensure that the seat-mounted air bags deploy only when they are required, but still in accordance with the applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Owners of these vehicles will receive a notification about this recall within 60 days from the filing of this report. In the event that a remedy is not readily available within this timeframe, an interim letter will be sent to keep affected customers informed. A final notification will follow as soon as the remedy is ready for implementation. This recall has been assigned the reference number "APB3" by Porsche, and it is associated with the NHTSA campaign number 23V-715.


The vehicles affected include:

2021-2023 911 Turbo S
2022 911 Turbo
2022-2023 911 GT3 Touring
2022-2023 911 GT3
2022-2023 911 Carrera 4 GTS
2022-2024 911 Carrera GTS
2023 911 GT3 RS
2023 911 Dakar
2024 911 Carrera T

Porsche is taking measure to rectify the issue. The company encourages all affected owners to respond to the recall notification to ensure that their vehicles receive the necessary adjustments, minimizing the risk of unnecessary air bag deployments and enhancing overall safety on the road.