Nissan Rogue Seat Belt Safety

On 2024-03-14 11:53:18

A significant safety concern has been identified in certain 2023 Nissan Rogue vehicles. The problem lies within the driver and front passenger seat belt pretensioners, crucial components for occupant safety during a collision. These vehicles, unfortunately, do not meet the safety standards set forth by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for Occupant Crash Protection, Seat Belt Assemblies, and Seat Belt Assembly Anchorages, raising concerns about the adequacy of occupant restraint systems.


The issue revolves around the manufacturing process of the seat belt pretensioners, where it has been discovered that some units may have been incorrectly produced. Specifically, the front seat belts may contain a partially crimped lap pre-tensioner, a critical flaw that compromises their ability to effectively restrain occupants in the event of a crash. This oversight poses a significant safety risk as it increases the likelihood of injuries to vehicle occupants.


Nissan first became aware of this problem in June 2023, during a routine validation process at the supplier's facility. Upon discovery of a partially crimped pre-tensioner in a Nissan Rogue vehicle. An investigation was launched, which included a thorough examination of 1,866 Rogue vehicles and all pretensioners in inventory, revealed the scope and severity of the issue.


The supplier identified that the suspect parts were manufactured between June 2, 2023, and June 27, 2023, and were attributed to a new technician. Further investigation uncovered a critical flaw in the crimping process, where the crimping cell needed to be manually reset at a specific time to avoid system shutdowns and potential partial crimping. Additionally, it was discovered that standard scrap handling procedures were not consistently followed, further exacerbating the problem.


Testing conducted subsequently confirmed that seat belt pretensioners with partial crimps failed to meet internal test requirements and did not comply with safety standards. In light of these findings, Nissan has initiated a recall to address the issue and ensure the safety of affected vehicle occupants.


Under this recall, Nissan dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the front seat belt assemblies in affected vehicles. This measure aims to rectify the manufacturing defect and mitigate the associated safety risks. Owners of affected Nissan Rogue vehicles are encouraged to contact their nearest Nissan dealership to schedule an inspection and necessary repairs.


Nissan has assigned recall number PD105 to this specific issue, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has designated it as campaign number 24V-156. This collaboration between Nissan and regulatory authorities underscores the commitment to prioritizing consumer safety and addressing potential hazards promptly and effectively.