Nissan Ariya Steering Column Could Detach

On 2023-03-14 16:29:16

Nissan will be contacting the owners of certain 2023 Nissan Ariya EVs, to alert them of a problem caused by recent port modifications. These modifications required the replacement the vehicle's steering wheel.

Nissan became aware of a potential issue in January 2023 when they received their first report from one of their dealers, about a loose steering wheel found on a 2023 Ariya vehicle. An investigation into the loose wheel found the steering wheel center bolt was completely missing. In February, after Nissan received a second report of a loose steering wheel and missing steering wheel bolt on another 2023 Ariya vehicle, an investigation was opened. The investigation determined both vehicles had been included in a port modification activity to address potential quality concerns with the steering touch sensor. Both vehicles had been serviced by the same technician.

Nissan launched a dealer quality action to inspect the steering wheels on 418 Ariya vehicles in dealer inventory that was previously repaired as part of the port modification activity.

The dealer action identified one (1) additional Ariya vehicle with a loose steering wheel out of a total of 96 vehicles audited. The investigation determined that the incorrect torque had been applied to the affected steering wheel bolt during the port modification activity.

Out of an abundance of caution, Nissan decided to conduct a Voluntary Safety Recall to remedy all vehicles included in the port modification activity.

Due to a quality issue, certain Nissan Ariya vehicles underwent a recent port modification to replace the steering wheel. As part of the activity, a technician may have inadvertently applied the incorrect torque settings to the steering wheel bolt. In certain cases, the steering wheel bolt may not have been installed at all. As a result, the steering wheel may experience some play or potentially separate from the steering column if pulled towards the driver. If this occurs, loss of steering control may increase the risk of a crash.

The customer may notice the excessive play or looseness of the steering wheel. Owners are advised to contact their dealer for transport and immediate repair if the steering wheel feels loose when gently rocking the wheel forward and back with their hands.

Dealers will replace the steering wheel bolt. Nissan's number for this recall is PC956 and the NHTSA campaign number is 23V-131.