2019 Mercedes Benz Metris Vibrations

On 2020-06-19 12:30:24

A small number of 2019 Mercedes Benz Metris vehicles are being recalled by the manufacturer because of a problem with the power train drive shaft. These Metris vans (platform 447 (VS20)) have gasoline engines and automatic transmissions.


According to the defect report, the attachment between the propeller shaft to the intermediate bearing may not meet manufacturer specifications. Over time, the propeller shaft joint may become damaged and cause a rotational imbalance in the shaft. As the propeller shaft joint wears, there will be a gradual increase of noise and a feeling of vibration from under the vehicle. As the vibrations increase, the airbag control unit could misinterpret them as an acceleration or deceleration similar to a crash and could deploy the frontal airbags.


Owners receiving notices will be asked to return to their dealerships to have the drive shaft inspected and replaced as necessary. DVUSA's number for this recall is VS3DREIGE and the NHTSA's campaign number is 20V-340.