2016-2018 Mercedes Benz AMG GT Driveshaft Could Separate

On 2021-07-07 09:29:20

Mercedes Benz (MBAG) will be asking owners of certain 2016-2018 AMG GT cars to return to their dealerships to have the carbon fibre driveshaft inspected for a problem that could increase the risk of an accident. Last year MBAG observed a number of reports from customers who said they experienced issues with the performance of the transmission in their AMG GT.


According to the defect report, the bonding between the carbon fibre driveshaft and the engine/transmission flange may not meet production specifications. Because of a deviation in the production process at the supplier, specific batches of carbon-fibre driveshafts may contain residue on the bonding surfaces of the carbon-fibre driveshaft and the flange. In these cases, the connection between the carbon-fibre driveshaft and the flange might detach during vehicle operation, resulting in the impairment of the transmission and the potential for a loss of connection between the engine and the transmission.


In case of a transmission malfunction or loss of traction between engine and transmission, the check engine warning lamp in the instrument cluster will alert the driver and the vehicle may emit grinding or other noises.


Dealers will inspect and replace the carbon-fibre driveshaft, as necessary, The NHTSA campaign number for this recall is 21V-478. Owner notifications are expected to be mailed August 24, 2021.