No Brake Pad Warning In Select 2021-2024 Jaguar E-Pace Models

On 2024-03-22 11:33:41

In a recent development, Jaguar Land Rover has identified a critical safety issue affecting specific 2021-2024 model year Jaguar E-Pace vehicles. The concern revolves around a malfunction in the brake pad wear indicator system, potentially putting drivers at risk of accidents due to reduced brake effectiveness.

The problem, discovered during an internal investigation, pertains to vehicles manufactured at the Graz Vehicle Assembly Plant between November 11, 2020, and October 10, 2023. The root cause lies in an incorrect setting within the Car Configuration File, which fails to trigger the brake pad wear indicator when necessary. This oversight means drivers may not receive timely notifications regarding the condition of their brake pads, leading to increased brake noise upon application and a gradual decrease in brake performance.

The severity of the issue prompted a thorough examination by Jaguar's Product Safety and Compliance Committee (PSCC), which officially launched an investigation in November 2023 following reports of the indicator's non-display. Subsequent review by the Recall Determination Committee (RDC) affirmed that this flaw constitutes a failure to meet mandated performance standards for brake pad wear indicators, classifying it as a defect. Consequently, a recall has been initiated to rectify affected vehicles.

Affected owners will be notified by Jaguar and urged to visit their authorized dealerships for a crucial software update to the car configuration file. This update aims to correct the oversight and ensure that the brake pad wear indicator functions as intended. It's imperative for owners of potentially affected Jaguar E-Pace vehicles to heed the recall notice promptly. Neglecting to address this issue could lead to unforeseen brake problems, jeopardizing both driver safety and the safety of others on the road.

Jaguar has assigned recall number H481 to this campaign, and it has been filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) under campaign number 24V-201.