Honda Pilot Steering Problem: A Critical Manufacturing Error

On 2023-11-13 13:21:15

In a significant development concerning vehicle safety, Honda has identified a manufacturing error in certain 2023-2024 Honda Pilot vehicles, which poses a serious risk of steering control loss. This issue has raised concerns among both consumers and industry experts due to its potential impact on driving safety.

Initial Discovery and Incidents

The problem first came to light in August 2023 when an incident of steering lock was reported at a Honda factory. The vehicle involved was being prepared for shipping. Following this, two additional incidents were reported under similar circumstances at a Honda facility, where vehicles experienced steering lock during post-production movement. These incidents prompted Honda to conduct an investigation.

Investigation and Findings

Honda's investigation revealed that the defect was associated with the steering gear boxes, which had been taken off the main assembly line for rework due to a process change. The central issue was identified in the handling of previously assembled ball bearings within the gear box. These bearings, if not appropriately managed during reassembly, could become misplaced within the gear box components. This misplacement could lead to contamination of the gear box assembly and potentially result in a ball bearing falling into a gap of a rotating part within the gear box. Such an event can severely compromise steering functionality, leading to either loss of steering or complete steering lock-up.

Recall and Remedial Action

In light of these findings, Honda acknowledged the defect's relation to motor vehicle safety and decided to initiate a safety recall. The recall is a step to address the safety concerns and prevent any incidents involving consumers. Vehicle owners affected by this issue will receive notices instructing them to return their vehicles to dealers for inspection and repair. The primary corrective measure involves the replacement of the electric power steering rack.


Honda has designated the recall under the number FFX, and it has been registered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) under campaign number 23V-735. The recall's registration with the NHTSA underscores the severity of the issue and Honda's commitment to adhering to safety regulations and consumer protection.