2019-2021 Audi A8 And S8 Engine Control Module Failure

On 2021-03-05 08:05:30


Volkswagen Group of America have identified a problem affecting the engine control module (ECM) in a small number of 2019-2021 Audi A8 and S8 vehicles. The manufacturer has identified vehicles from supplier production records, and vehicles not included have not received defective parts or have already received the repair.


According to the defect report filed with the NHTSA, a missing sealing pin on the EMC connector could allow moisture to enter the EMC and cause corrosion. The EMC could malfunction.

Some Common EMC Failure Symptoms Include::
Engine may go into fail safe mode.
"Check Engine" light turns on.
The vehicle won't start.
The engine stutters and misfires.
A sudden drop in fuel economy.
Sudden loss of acceleration.
Rough or irregular shifting.
The engine may stall while driving..


Owners receiving notices will be asked to return to their dealers to have the ECM connector inspected and install the missing sealing pin. If corrosion is found within the connector the connector will be replaced. The recall is expected to begin April 23, 20121. Audi's number for this recall is 97EV and the NHTSA campaign number is 21V-111.